Course Expectations

  • Student Materials:

    Each student in Mrs. Walker's ELA classroom will be issued a Chromebook by the I.T. department at the beginning of the school year if they do not already have one issued. If you need a Chromebook replaced, instructions for this will be given at the beginning of the new school year. 

    Materials needed for Mrs. Walker's ELA classroom:

    • Black and red pens
    • pencils
    • loose leaf lined paper
    • 3 ring binder (2in)
    • subject dividers (optional)
    • highlighters

    10th Grade ELA:

    We will be doing a good bit of reading and writing in class this year (go figure, English class! :)).  We have a number of short stories, poems, novellas and essays we will be reading to gather meaning and purpose behind the works. 10th grade is a big year for students because it will begin your process of preparation for 11th grade EOC's. We will learn how to use MLA format with our writing as well as craft strong arguments about the things we have learned. 


    12th grade Advanced Comp:

    12th grade is great because we can focus on more real world applications of Language Arts. Students will learn how to draft resumes and cover letters. They will learn how to write emails and letters: friendly and business. We will dive into satire, epics, giving speeches, and a number of memoirs to help us with identifying who we will be when we graduate. We will sprinkle in how to make applications for a job or college, as well solidify those after-graduation plans that some students may need a little help figuring out.