• Theater Fundamentals – Fall/Spring 2021-22

    Mr. Jason Lehman


    770 504 2340 ext. 2045

    Normal Schedule – At school

    1st Block – Theater Fundamentals 8:10 – 9:40

    2nd Block – Planning

    3rd Block – Theater Fundamentals 11:14 – 1:06

    IF – 1:11 – 1:41

    4th Block – Theater Fundamentals 1:46 – 3:10



    In this class your student will explore fundamental ways to express themselves as actors/actress through use of their voice, body, and imagination.  The class will examine theatre etiquette, proper feedback, pantomime, vocal characterization, reader’s theatre, characterization using the Uta Hagen method to produce short scenes, and one act performance.  Students will also be introduced to various other technical disciplines of the theater.

    Theatre is a performance based class.  This means that students will frequently be up in front a group of their peers, sometimes alone, but usually as part of a group.  The class culminates in the production of a one-act play which will be performed in front of a live audience.


    Daily Grades/Quizzes 30%

    Tests 30%

    Performance 40%


    You! The class always needs you to be present to work with your groups.  Theater is hard when you are missing your partner/group member.

    Bring yourself and a willing spirit to create a brave space in the theater classroom!  Pencil/pen and paper as needed.  Assigned script materials (you will be given the materials as needed)