Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Julie Leverett

Welcome to 1st grade and the beginning of the 2020- 2019 school year. 

I would like to provide a little information about myself and my career in teaching. This is my 16th year teaching as a certified teacher. I first began my career as a paraprofessional in 1st grade back in 1994. I then decided to return to school to further my education to become a certified teacher. This endeaver was a 8 year process while I continued to work full time as a para and teaching Pre-K in the HeadStart setting. I began teaching as a certified teacher in 2006. From that time I have taught 1st - 4 years, pre-k - 9 years, kindergarten - 2 years and this year I am returning to 1st grade. My educational background includes a; Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Fort Valley State University, Masters Degree from National Univisersity, and Educational Specialist Degree from Lincoln Memorial Universtiy. 

On a peronal note I am married and have 4 daughters. Who have graced my with 5 grandchildren. My motto has always been "I am a TEACHER, but, I am also a mother and grand-mommy".