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    General Information about Reading Plus
    • Research-based program that allows students to work independently on lessons based on a placement test
    • Assignments focusing on comprehension, tracking and letter recognition
    • Most age-appropriate online intervention program available - reading levels as high as grade 13
    • Reading selections with varied reading levels, but with topics of interest to high school students
    • Prescriptions for additional online and offline supports offered based on student performance
    • Additional offline activities provided through pdf files
    • Uses a universal screener called InSight to determine students' placement and to record benchmarks throughout the year

    Sample Student Report


    Offline Resources

    • Reading Plus recommends additional supports for students based on performance in the program
    • Resources target specific skills for each student
    • Sample resource -  Interpreting Word: Meaning and Definitions (click on the title of the resource to open a pdf file)

    Offline Resources