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    The BCSS Purpose Statement

    Butts County School System’s purpose is to provide Learning and Life Experiences that Maximize the Individual Potential of All Students so they are Prepared for a Productive Future.

    10 Core Commitments and Values:

    • We will provide and expand effective growth experiences for all students in the “A.A.A.S.”— Academics, Fine Arts, Athletics, and Service.
    • We will maximize the personal safety and well-being of all stakeholders who enter our facilities.
    • We will model and exhibit a spirit of teamwork, professionalism, and collaboration in the quest of continuous improvement on behalf of our students and community.
    • We will engage students, families, and community stakeholders as partners and teammates.
    • We will model self-discipline in our duties as professionals, and we will discipline our students in a way that values their worth and dignity as human beings.
    • We will recruit and retain highly-qualified staff members in the name of what is best for children.
    • We will embrace fair accountability for all staff, students, and the community.
    • We will respect and celebrate human diversity as a strength in our organization.
    • We will faithfully maintain modern and effective facilities, equipment, technology, and data.
    • We will be responsible stewards of community taxes and resources while putting the needs of children first.

    Adopted by the Butts County Board of Education: OCTOBER 3, 2017