Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Sackett

I am a transplant from the suburbs of Chicago and have been teaching at Griffin High School for the last 6 years. Five of those six years were spent in instructing ninth grade ELA and only the last was spent in eleventh grade ELA. This is my second career and previously spent thirteen years in the restaurant/hospitality industry.

I am passionate about the written word but equally passionate about movies and music.

I hold two degrees: one in film (screenwritting and directing), (from Columbia College in Chicago) and the other in secondary education (From Northeasten Illinois University). The rest of my background could be titled as, 'a jack of all trades' as I have military experience, skydiving experience, I have travled far and near, and have dabbled in everything from woodworking to gardening.

I enjoy spending time with my six year old daughter and experiencing things for the first time all over, with her. I will also be helping out with soccer, as I really enjoy the game. (Go Juventus!) My door is always open for all students and parents, as I will give honest and direct answers.